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Will Jackson

What’s as easy as using the Free Sworl Photo Framing App?

Entering our ‘Back2School’ Photo Contest with a chance to win your own Sworl Framed Photo!

Even better – use Promo Code Back2School For 20% off through September!

How to enter the contest:

Go to our Sworl Facebook Page:

1) Like our page!

2) Under the Contest Announcement Post,  post your kid’s Back to School photos.

Back to School Photo Contest


It’s that easy!


Enter the Sworl Back2School Photo Contest now!






*Contest runs from 9/9/15 – 9/30/15

*Judges are looking for most Sworlable ‘Real Moment’!

*Winner will be announced on Facebook on Wednesday 10/7/15 and will be contacted by 10/9/15 to claim their Prize – Your own Free Sworl Framed Photo.
*Complete rules

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Helen Tapping

You may not be able to pull off wearing white after Labor Day, but your walls certainly can! Sworl’s White Frames are the perfect way to show off all your summer vacation and travel photos. 

Today only! When you choose any white frame in Sworl, whether it’s a desk or wall frame, small or large, you will automatically get 20% off your order*

And as White is one the home decor trends of 2014, what are you waiting for? Get Framing!

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Sworl wedding white photo frames

Frame your wedding photos in White to highlight ‘The Dress’ for a stunning reminder of a special day.

Sworl vacation white photo frames

Vacation and Beach photos look great in Summery White and adds light to your room as Fall creeps in.

Sworl B&W white photo frames

Black and White photos add an arty touch to any room when you frame them in White.

Sworl Travel white photo frames

A Group of Travel Shots on your Wall or Mantel adds a splash of color – the White Frames add a cohesive, polished look.

*Offer ends at Midnight PST 9/2/14

Helen Tapping

Thanks to everyone for your feedback: we’ve now made Sworl even easier: Check out the new features in 3.0!

free iphone apps  free iphone apps
1)  Enhanced frame color selection!We adjusted the background colors, so you can now see the white and silver frames in all their glory!

free iphone apps  free iphone apps

2) Improved Check-out!

We split apart the shipping and billing screens, so you no longer need to scroll. We also updated the ‘Use Contact’ button so now it’s even easier to add your saved contacts into both screens.

free iphone apps

3) Easier Promo Code Entry!

Got a promo code for discounts on Sworl? Lucky you. We redesigned the promo code entry button to make it easier: Just tap and enter your code and we’ll apply the discount.

free iphone apps

4) Faster Ways to Pay!

We moved the Payment Info screen earlier in the check-out process and improved credit card entry, still with the ability to use your phone’s camera, to speed things up even more. And of course, there’s always the option to use PayPal.

What are you waiting for? Download the new Sworl App Now

free iphone apps

Turn your photos into beautiful framed gifts, quickly and easily, with the Free Sworl iPhone App.

Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Bradd Guenser and Kristie Logan, Seattle, WA, as a visual reminder of their wedding.

“Having a few framed shots from that great day was something we missed.” frame wedding photos   “We were married last August on a beautiful evening at The Center for Urban Horticulture. We thought it was great that the very first shot the wedding photographer snapped turned out to be one of our favorites. Like many people these days, we opted just to receive the digital images from our wedding. We’ve never really liked the old-style wedding albums and huge framed pictures. We usually just enjoy seeing the photos on our screen savers or phones. It turned out, though, that having a few framed shots from that great day was something we missed.

“When I found out about Sworl it seemed almost too easy to create framed art from the album I had saved on my phone. I was right—it was super easy. Sworl’s quality, value, packaging, and customer service has been top-notch. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep ordering.”

—As told to Will Jackson

Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Clive Wilkie, Seattle, WA, to add to a photo collection in his condo. “A coworker told me about Sworl. I was amazed at how easy it was. Five minutes to order, and the frame and packaging were beautiful.” travel photography “I’d just gotten off a flight from China. My daughter, who lives in San Francisco, suggested we take a history cruise on a 1920s sloop. As we approached the Golden Gate Bridge on the Sausalito side of the bay, this image just sort of presented itself. The single tower viewed edge-on, the 19th-century fort at its base, and the cliff rising steeply to the right made an exciting composition. “I took the photo in color on my iPhone and later switched it to black & white.  It was actually a sunny day with high clouds, but in black and white the sky looks much more dramatic. The photo gives the impression of this iconic structure standing before a gathering storm. “When I saw it in black and white, I thought I should get it framed. Not long after, a coworker told me about Sworl. I was amazed at how easy it was. Five minutes to order, and the frame and packaging were beautiful.

Framed travel photography San Francisco

“I’m a great fan of Ansel Adams, like the simplicity of black & white, and wanted the photo to fit in a particular place in my condo. Framed in black, it looks great against the light blue wall.”

—As told to Will Jackson

Will Jackson

Printed and framed by DJ Schwend, Auburn, WA, for herself, as mementos of a great journey

 “Displayed together, these photos remind me of some of the experiences and sheer visual excitement of that amazing time.”

travel photo frame ideas

travel photo frame ideas









“These three images are from Bali, where I basically wandered around dazzled for a month. I was totally taken with the people there, so friendly, so nice, so generous. I met the little girl and her brother while beachcombing. They were looking for a specific kind of shell for their mom, for a necklace, I think, and walked along with me. She kept picking up beautiful things and putting them in my bag.

travel photo frame ideas

“On my last day in Bali, a man whose family I’d spent one memorable night with (we found, killed and cremated a poisonous snake and drank headache-inducing agave palm wine) offered to drive my friend and me to the airport—an eight-hour trip for him! He showed us the entire northwest coast we hadn’t seen, including the only place in Bali that these wonderful boats are found. The Muslim fishermen love their jobs, love their boats and decorate them beautifully.

Bali travel photo frame ideas

“The beautiful umbrellas are typically seen shielding statues of gods in the island’s 26,000 Hindu temples, but these two flanked a dock on volcanic Lake Beratan in the island’s rarely visited interior.

“Displayed together, these photos remind me of some of the experiences and sheer visual excitement of that amazing time.”

—As told to Will Jackson

Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Helen Tapping, Seattle, WA, for her husband/co-adventurer

 “When I travel, I always want to explore the history of a place.”

South africa travel photos“When I travel, I always want to explore the history of a place, so when my husband and I went to Africa in 2013, we went to places related to Nelson Mandela and his struggle for freedom. Apartheid is shocking to me, especially because it was still happening within my lifetime.

Among the places we went were Qunu, where Mandela grew up and is buried, the house in Soweto where he and Winnie lived, the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, Pretoria City Hall where Mandela was tried, Robben Island Prison in Cape Town where he was held for 18 years—and all the guides are former political prisoners—and Victor Verster prison from which he was released in 1990. We also drove 700 miles to the extremely remote town of Howick in Kwazulu-Natal, where Mandela was captured by apartheid police in 1962. He had been traveling through Africa disguised as a chauffeur while organizing for the anti-apartheid African National Congress. This gorgeous landscape of rolling hills was the last place he saw before his imprisonment.

Thframe travel photose Capture Site is a branch of the Apartheid Museum. As you start down a long path from the museum, you see a group of 50 tall steel columns that, as you walk, line up into a portrait of Mandela looking west. Helen Tapping, Marketing and Brand for Sworl




Then as you arrive at the sculpture, it disperses back into jagged computer-generated segments more than 20 feet tall pointing toward the vast sky. The sculpture marked the 50th anniversary of the start of Nelson Mandela’s ‘long walk to freedom’ and was designed by artist Marco Cianfanelli to represent the idea of solidarity, of many making a whole. There were so many moving moments on this trip, and we learned so much as we talked to people about how apartheid affected them. Mandela was ailing then, and there were signs everywhere saying ‘Prayers for Madiba’. It was clear how much he was part of everyone’s everyday consciousness.

To remember this amazing adventure, I framed my abstract image of Mandela – Sworl is a great way to frame travel photos.” —as told to Will Jackson    

Helen Tapping

Announcing the new version of the Sworl App: 2.0, now available in the App store.

We heard your feedback and we made some changes:

new iphone apps1) Save Money!

 All new lower pricing: Now you can buy a framed photo starting at just $14.99.

new iphone apps

2) Get more Creative!

Improved crop and zoom functionality: Now you can to crop and position your photos exactly as you want them.

new iphone apps

3) Choose the Perfect Shot!

Better photo preview: Now photos appear much larger when you preview them from your Camera Roll so it’s even easier to choose the perfect photo to frame.

new iphone apps

4) Save Time!

Improved address functionality: Now Sworl autofills your address to save time when ordering.

Download the new Sworl App Now


new iphone apps               kid frames photo

Will Jackson

“I used Tangled FX, a photo editing app for iPhone, to create this kind of textured woodcut effect called ‘Fibers’ that I thought would look cool with my hairy dog.”

Printed and framed by Garrett McAuliffe, Seattle, Washington, because “we love our dog.”

pet photo frame      pet photo frames

 “This is Grover, an 11-year-old German Wirehaired Pointer with a sweet disposition and an insane amount of energy. He’s mellowed a bit with age and I caught him in a restful moment relaxing in our living room. Grover’s crazy about birds, swimming and chasing balls and gets along well with our other dogs Bazzle and Dora. Being in the mobile product business, I have several hundred apps on my iPhone.  I used Tangled FX, a photo editing app for iPhone, to create this kind of textured woodcut effect called ‘Fibers’ that I thought would look cool with my hairy dog. I liked using one app to transform the original shot, then using Sworl to create a beautiful framed photo to appear at my doorstep.” —As told to Will Jackson

Garrett McAuliffe, Sworl Board Member

Will Jackson

Sworl Photo Frames

Out of all the photos you take, which ones do you frame? The ones, we’d guess, that capture moments as unique to you as your fingerprints. The big—reunions, weddings, graduations—and the small—fleeting expressions, beautiful instants, random everyday perfection. Favorite moments that truly reflect your family, your friends, your fun.

Our iPhones help us grab the spontaneous. Now, Sworl  helps you easily turn real moments into beautiful framed images to give or to keep. It’s the easiest way for photo framing online.

photo framing online

Choose a photo, crop it, size it, print it, frame it and have it delivered in gift-worthy style, all from your iPhone. A great memory, beautifully presented, for the wall (or desk) of someone you love. Or for yourself. Could not be easier. Or more appreciated. Lasts way longer than flowers, for about the same price.

Our website shows you the how of creating memorable framed images from your phone. Our blog will show you the who, what, when and where. Inspiring images and the stories behind them. Starting with a few from our staff—and with a whole lot more, we hope, to come from you.

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