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Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Will Jackson of Seattle as a gift to his Aunt June in Virginia.

   “My mom always said ‘to have a friend, be one’- A few years ago, I took this picture that really shows their love for each other.”

“My mom always said ‘to have a friend, be one.’ She met June at a party in Richmond, Virginia in 1949—June was in tears with morning sickness and Mom, also pregnant, came to her aid—and they stayed best friends until Mom died a year and half ago. Although June soon moved to New Jersey, then Maryland and finally back to coastal Virginia, she and Mom visited often, vacationed together, and stayed close through thick and thin for 64 years.

Will1gift for mom

 They consoled each other during tough times, loved parties, (the wilder the better – at a mid-‘60s beach bash, they swapped dresses to confuse one of June’s beaus) and were ultimate shopping buddies. Most of all they made each other laugh.

A few years ago, I took this picture that really shows their love for each other.”Sending gifts

Helen Tapping


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Will Jackson

Chris Bryant, CTO of Sworl





Framed by Chris Bryant, Seattle, WA, for his son Charlie






kid photo ideas“Wedgwood Fire Station #40 was having a Saturday open house to celebrate their big remodel. Kids got to climb on fire trucks, crawl under ‘smoke’ made of paper streamers and learn to stop, drop and roll. Some fire cadets were showing off their gear. Our 6-year-old, Charlie, asked to try it on, hopped in and had the best time swamped in the suspendered pants, giant boots and big yellow hat. I hadn’t expected to take any pictures but I had my phone and snapped this shot of one super-happy kid.”

—As told to Will Jackson

Will Jackson

Tom Riley, CEO of Sworl

Printed and framed by Sworl co-founder Tom Riley of Seattle, Washington; these photos sit on his desk at Sworl HQ.

skiing photo frames online

“It was the last ski trip of the year. Just me and my stepdaughter Sam. Over ten years, I had watched her grow up. Now she’d been accepted to college and big change was in the air. We were at Mission Ridge outside Wenatchee, Washington. The day was dark and gray but then, as we reached the peak, wind scattered the clouds and we stood in this incredible light. Peaks turned white! The sky turned blue! I handed my phone to a congenial bystander and here’s what she took: a quick portrait of two great friends on a very special day.  Check out Sam’s smile. And mine. To be repeated a few months later on a much warmer, no-clouds graduation afternoon.”

—As told to Will Jackson

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