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Helen Tapping

Frame your photos for the perfect Mother’s Day gift with SworlNeed some inspiration? See what the Sworl Team are framing for their moms this Mother’s Day:


Our CEO and Co-Founder, Tom, is framing his mom a picture from his family’s happy place: “We spend a week every year in Lake Tahoe with my 4 siblings and our families.  Here’s my favorite photo of me and my mother, from our trip there in 2013.”

Tom chose a 5×7 photo in a black matted wall frame for his mom. ($30.98 including gift wrapping, message and delivery.)

Steve_mother's Day

 Steve, our Co-founder, chose this photo to frame for himself as a special memory of his mom: “Mother‘s Day has always been special to me.  It has been magnified since she passed away a few years ago.  This is a picture of my mom with our kids.  She was a great sport and allowed them to celebrate her birthday with hats, cake and a party fit for a 5-year-old.  Mom was always there for me and loved the opportunity to come visit and be nana”.

Steve chose to frame this picture for his office in a silver 5×7 desk frame. ($19.98 including gift wrapping, message and delivery.)

Chris_Mother's Day

Sworl CTO Chris, decided on a photo from his younger days this mother’s day because “My mom resists having her photo taken these days, but I have this one from ages ago that I’ve been meaning to print/frame for a while now. My sister is the newborn, so it must be from 1977. It’s a scan from a print, but I’ve always thought it is a good photo – clearly my mom‘s happy about the new baby. I think I’m just confused. :)”

Chris selected a larger 8×10 photo in a classic Espresso matted wall frame to show off this classic photo!($49.98 including gift wrapping, message and delivery.)

Helen_Mother's Day

Helen, Head of Marketing and Brand, chose a photo of her mum (not a mis-spelling – she’s a Brit!) from last November – “My mum loves to travel so for her birthday, we treated her to a trip from Old England to New England! The highlights of her trip were a visit to Louisa May Alcott’s house (we are both massive fans of Little Women) and a rainy but fun day to Plimoth Plantation for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Helen chose a square, white matted wall frame to show off this instagram photo, of her and mum Celia hanging out with the Pilgrims. ($30.98 including gift wrapping, message and delivery.)

What will you frame for your mom this mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away! It’s easy to frame your photos with the Sworl Photo Framing App, and as every Sworl comes beautifully wrapped and with a gift message, it makes the perfect gift for mom.



Make Mom’s Day with Sworl!

Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Will Jackson of Seattle as a gift to his Aunt June in Virginia.

   “My mom always said ‘to have a friend, be one’- A few years ago, I took this picture that really shows their love for each other.”

“My mom always said ‘to have a friend, be one.’ She met June at a party in Richmond, Virginia in 1949—June was in tears with morning sickness and Mom, also pregnant, came to her aid—and they stayed best friends until Mom died a year and half ago. Although June soon moved to New Jersey, then Maryland and finally back to coastal Virginia, she and Mom visited often, vacationed together, and stayed close through thick and thin for 64 years.

Will1gift for mom

 They consoled each other during tough times, loved parties, (the wilder the better – at a mid-‘60s beach bash, they swapped dresses to confuse one of June’s beaus) and were ultimate shopping buddies. Most of all they made each other laugh.

A few years ago, I took this picture that really shows their love for each other.”Sending gifts

Helen Tapping

Sworl was proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 Geekwire Gala, held at MOHAI, Seattle, WA.

A good time was had by all – Zach Scott of the Seattle Sounders took photos with fans in the Sworl Photobooth and everyone got to go home with a free Sworl!

Zach Scott Sounders


Here’s some of the best of Zach with the Geeks in both gowns and ugly christmas sweaters! See them all and download yours to frame with Sworl on our Facebook Page!

Geek Wire GalaGeek Wire GalaGeek Wire GalaGeek Wire GalaGeek Wire GalaGeek Wire Gala






Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Adrian Hanauer, Seattle, Washington, as a reminder of an amazing experience. “The view was truly incredible. So was the feeling of finally being at the top of this giant mountain I’d looked at all my life.”

When you live in Seattle, Mount Rainier is a big deal, a huge and beautiful symbol of the region. On clear days, it makes a majestic background to the city and can be seen from all kinds of viewpoints—including CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Sounders!

summit photo

“I’ve wanted to climb Rainier since I was a kid and finally got my chance last summer. With a couple of friends, we made a partial ascent, trained with guides and learned the necessary safety precautions. The next day we woke in the dark and made the race to the summit—more than 14,000 feet high, the second highest in the Lower 48. It was a clear day and the view was truly incredible. So was the feeling of finally being at the top of this giant mountain I’d looked at all my life.”

Adrian Hanauer – as told to Will Jackson.

Adrian Hanauer, Sworl Board Member

Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Helen Tapping, Seattle, WA, for her husband/co-adventurer

 “When I travel, I always want to explore the history of a place.”

South africa travel photos“When I travel, I always want to explore the history of a place, so when my husband and I went to Africa in 2013, we went to places related to Nelson Mandela and his struggle for freedom. Apartheid is shocking to me, especially because it was still happening within my lifetime.

Among the places we went were Qunu, where Mandela grew up and is buried, the house in Soweto where he and Winnie lived, the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, Pretoria City Hall where Mandela was tried, Robben Island Prison in Cape Town where he was held for 18 years—and all the guides are former political prisoners—and Victor Verster prison from which he was released in 1990. We also drove 700 miles to the extremely remote town of Howick in Kwazulu-Natal, where Mandela was captured by apartheid police in 1962. He had been traveling through Africa disguised as a chauffeur while organizing for the anti-apartheid African National Congress. This gorgeous landscape of rolling hills was the last place he saw before his imprisonment.

Thframe travel photose Capture Site is a branch of the Apartheid Museum. As you start down a long path from the museum, you see a group of 50 tall steel columns that, as you walk, line up into a portrait of Mandela looking west. Helen Tapping, Marketing and Brand for Sworl




Then as you arrive at the sculpture, it disperses back into jagged computer-generated segments more than 20 feet tall pointing toward the vast sky. The sculpture marked the 50th anniversary of the start of Nelson Mandela’s ‘long walk to freedom’ and was designed by artist Marco Cianfanelli to represent the idea of solidarity, of many making a whole. There were so many moving moments on this trip, and we learned so much as we talked to people about how apartheid affected them. Mandela was ailing then, and there were signs everywhere saying ‘Prayers for Madiba’. It was clear how much he was part of everyone’s everyday consciousness.

To remember this amazing adventure, I framed my abstract image of Mandela – Sworl is a great way to frame travel photos.” —as told to Will Jackson    

Will Jackson

By now you’ve seen our tagline:

“Real Moments. Printed, framed, delivered from your iPhone.”

Sworl makes it incredibly easy to share photos that are just too good to keep to yourself—like these three favorites from our staff.


frame your life

From Tom: “I was skiing in Taos with a group of friends. The house we stayed at had a great old beater truck that had seen a lot of New Mexico winters. Driving home one afternoon, the sun started to set and as we pulled into the driveway, the colors of the truck and the sky looked incredible.  Each of us got in back to do our ‘alt-country album cover photo’ and this one of Rebecca was my favorite.”


frame your life



From Chris: “For the Mariners versus the Brewers, we were lucky to get four seats a few rows behind the visitor’s dugout. We couldn’t convince our 9-year-old daughter to run down between innings and try for one of the balls the players bring in and chuck to the fans. A kid from a family sitting nearby ran down twice and got a ball each time. He generously gave one to Catie and she was over the moon. Now she has this framed picture to go with her souvenir baseball.”


frame your lifeAnd from Helen: “We’d travelled the length of Africa—an amazing trip with some great photo safaris. Today we were in Addo Elephant National Park, as far south as elephants are found, just my husband and I in our 4-wheel-drive. By this time we’d seen hundreds of these magnificent animals in various places and I’d basically been forbidden to take any more elephant pictures. Then we saw this baby—the smallest one we saw—gleefully chasing warthogs while the other juveniles just stood near their moms. I defied the ban, caught this one photo on the fly, and now I’ve framed it up for my husband.”