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Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Joe Campos, Seattle, WA, for his sons Roman and Trason.

“Recently, Eagleclaw Football Academy entered a partnership with Sworl. Many of the photos Eagleclaw parents take of their kids during our training sessions and games are taken and stored on iPhones.  With Sworl, those captured moments can be easily framed and delivered—a perfect way to share memories with family and friends.

“From each sale made using a special promotional code, Eagleclaw families receive a 10% discount and Sworl contributes 10% of the purchase price to Eagleclaw’s RallyMe Scholarship Campaign for financially disadvantaged kids. Our goal is to raise enough scholarship funds to pay for 10 kids to train for a full year at Eagleclaw.

“It’s working really well for us, and I hope other groups will follow this win-win model.

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“Here’s my son Roman with two former Eagleclaw Football Academy coaches who are professional soccer players—David Estrada of DC United and Andy Rose of the Seattle Sounders.

“I started training Roman and his younger brother Trason to be soccer players when they were first able to walk. I taught them to dribble,  keep the ball close, zig-zag with the ball and attack the goal. As they grew older, I continued to teach my boys more ball control skills and a love for the game. Soon, my sons’ friends were joining us for training and a team had formed. The kids called themselves Eagleclaw, and the name stuck. I really couldn’t properly train more than 14 players on my own, but kids continued to be drawn to the Eagleclaw philosophy of teaching young players technical skill.

“At the time, Seattle did not have a player-centered youth soccer school. There were many youth soccer clubs, but none put individual instruction ahead of developing teams. As interest continued to grow, I decided to expand Eagleclaw into a soccer school for boys and girls ages 5 to 15 offering comprehensive tactical and technical training.

“In fall and spring semesters, we use a Dutch-inspired curriculum based on the Ajax Academy training program and the Coerver Method of technical instruction. Most of our staff are current or former professional players. Our focus is building individual skills from a foundation of ball mastery. We have no tryouts or cuts and welcome all players, whether or not they belong to another youth soccer club. Our primary goal is to create a positive training environment where each player can develop technical and tactical skills to his or her best level.

Scholarship funds

“The second photo shows the Sea Eagles, an Eagleclaw Development team made up of 7-, 8- and 9-year-olds, including my son Trason, who’ve played together since last August.  This Fall, the Sea Eagles were Divisional Champions in the Under-9 division of the Puget Sound Premier League.  The photo was taken after their first victory of the season and perfectly captures the joy on their faces!”

—As told to Will Jackson

Helen Tapping

Sworl was proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 Geekwire Gala, held at MOHAI, Seattle, WA.

A good time was had by all – Zach Scott of the Seattle Sounders took photos with fans in the Sworl Photobooth and everyone got to go home with a free Sworl!

Zach Scott Sounders


Here’s some of the best of Zach with the Geeks in both gowns and ugly christmas sweaters! See them all and download yours to frame with Sworl on our Facebook Page!

Geek Wire GalaGeek Wire GalaGeek Wire GalaGeek Wire GalaGeek Wire GalaGeek Wire Gala






Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Ralph Vuono, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, for his office.

“I discovered Sworl through my Facebook feed and immediately thought it was a brilliant idea, the perfect solution to the usual hassle of getting pictures framed. It took me two minutes to order these beautiful framed prints.”


“Chase was born on February 10. This was the first time I was able to hold him. He had to be taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for emergency surgery right after he was born, and this was the next day. I was feeling a little nervous and anxious, but obviously very proud and happy to be a father. Holding Chase for the first time was one of the greatest single moments of my life.

“When Chase was 10 weeks old, we found out he had a series of rare congenital heart and pulmonary defects. Two weeks later he had surgery at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and was hospitalized for about six weeks. Our experience at CHOP was excellent. We live about two hours away, but the pediatric surgeon Thomas Spray is considered one of the best in the world for this particular surgery. This photo of us playing was taken a couple of weeks after the surgery. Despite all he’s been through, Chase is one of the happiest kids I’ve ever seen, almost always smiling.

thank chase

“The third picture was taken about a month ago. Chase is dressed up to watch a Penn State game with my wife and me. (We both went there and met at a tailgate after we graduated.) He definitely understands when football is on. He’s attentive and very alert and knows that we’re excited. Now the big debate is how soon I get to take him to his first game!

baby chase

“I discovered Sworl through an ad on my Facebook feed and immediately thought it was a brilliant idea, the perfect solution to the usual hassle of getting pictures framed. It took me two minutes to order these beautiful framed prints. With these and some others I’ve ordered, my office will finally be outfitted with pictures of my family.”

Chase_1 Chase_2

—As told to Will Jackson

Will Jackson

Halloween photoFall photo







Sworl is proud to be a Gold Level Sponsor at the third annual Monster Dash. The trail run and kid’s races take place Saturday, October 25th in West Seattle’s beautiful Lincoln Park.

The event benefits West Seattle Cooperative Preschools. It includes a costume (and stroller)-friendly 5k trail run/walk and two Little Monsters’ Dashes (kids’ runs). Fun prizes from local businesses will be awarded for costumes, times, and other categories. The 5k start time is 9:00 am, Little Monsters’ Dashes start at 10:00, and the awards ceremony is at 10:15.

On race day, stop by Sworl’s booth for discount coupons and see examples of Sworl’s frame styles and services. There’s no faster or better way to frame the perfect Halloween photo of race moments and kids’ costumes!

Halloween photosHalloween costume photoHalloween costume photoHalloween costume photoHalloween costume photo







The Monster Dash was started by Milyssa Daigle, whose daughters Bryn and Gabby went to West Seattle Cooperative Preschools. In 2012, Milyssa got her Road Runners Club of America running coach certification. Knowing that the co-op preschools operate on a shoestring budget, she planned a Halloween race to raise funds for the schools and help model healthy behavior for kids. After approval from preschool leaders, the first Monster Dash was run that fall.

Halloween costume photo


Last year’s race, on a perfect fall day, had twice as many runners—about 130 adults and kids for the 5k and 150 children for the Little Monster Dashes. Even more are expected for 2014.

Unlike most co-op fundraisers, which depend on parents to sell goods or donate or buy auction items, the Monster Dash is community supported. About 10% of the runners are preschool parents; the other 90% are West Seattle residents or members of the Seattle running community. With volunteer planning and setup, all proceeds go directly to the preschools.

The 5k trail run is designed for parents, community members and kids who want to run that distance. For the quarter-mile Little Monster Dash (kids mostly 9 and under) and the 100-meter Littlest Monster Dash, the children chase someone dressed as a monster. This adds to the fun—and keeps kids running after the monster instead of all over the park!
Halloween costume photo

For more information, and to register for the event ($35 for the 5k, $25 for 12 and under, free for the Little Monster Dashes), go to

For information about West Seattle Cooperative Preschools, go to


Halloween costume photo Halloween race costume photo

All photos: Jenn Beherndt.






Will Jackson

A memorable sports photo- Printed and framed by Amanda Holt, San Francisco, CA,  for her parents, Ginny and Terry.

“I have a lot of early adopter, app-loving friends and that’s how I found out about Sworl. The day I heard about it, I ordered this photo for my mom for Mother’s Day. It took me about two minutes, Mom got it four days later, and she and Dad both love the picture.”

Sports PhotoFramed sport photo

“I took this photo of my parents at a Blackhawks Hockey game. As a Christmas ritual for our Chicago-native, Hawks-loving family, our parents take all of us—my three younger siblings and me—to a game at United Center. Each year we make the bitter cold pilgrimage and it’s always a highlight of the season. This photo was taken just after Mom and Dad were on the Kiss Cam. They are definitely in their happy place! As an added plus, the Blackhawks beat the New Jersey Devils 5-2.

“I’ve lived in San Francisco for three and a half years. As far as San Francisco sports are concerned, I can bandwagon it if necessary—especially if there’s a box seat involved—but I’m still a Chicago fan.

“I have a lot of early adopter, app-loving friends and that’s how I found out about Sworl. The day I heard about it, I ordered this photo for my mom for Mother’s Day. It took about two minutes, she got it four days later and she and Dad both love the picture.”

—As told to Will Jackson

Will Jackson

Photo taken by Brandy Rhodes, Seattle WA and then Sworled by Anthony Davis as a gift.

“I shared this photo with Liam’s father so he could see our son on his adventure, and he surprised me by having it framed by Sworl.”

kayak photography

“I’m always looking for fun things to do with my four-year-old son. One warm day in May, I took Liam out to Alki Point to rent a kayak for a couple of hours. It was his first experience kayaking and he loved it. I was able to snap this photo of Liam playing around with the paddle while holding it up with one hand as if he was doing a victory lap. I shared this photo with his father so he could see our son on his adventure, and he surprised me by having it framed by Sworl.”

kayak photography

“After the clouds burnt off, Liam and I hung out at Alki Beach for the rest of the day. As we played on the beach we watched other kayakers paddle toward us, which was especially fun since we’d just been out on the water ourselves.”

—As told to Will Jackson