Will Jackson

Printed and framed by Steve Dodd, Sammamish, WA, for his wife for Mother’s Day

kid photography poses

“I took this shot of our kids Amber and Austin when they were 13 and 15. To me, it embodies the joy of summer in the Northwest. (Note that even on a perfect summer day here, you’re wearing a jacket or sweater by dusk!) It was taken on our dock just before the house we built was finished. The kids were excited—we all were—it’s kind of a dream thing, having a house on a lake. As siblings go, these two have always been pretty good to each other and this is one of my favorite shots of them.”

—As told to Will Jackson

Steve Dodd, co-founder of Sworl

Will Jackson
Will Jackson

Will helps you share your stories with the world. He’s interested in art, music and the various ways that people express themselves. He grew up in Virginia, has called Seattle home for more than half his life and has two daughters who are Washington natives. Will likes beaches, bodysurfing, Vermont, Vashon Island and alliteration.